Immortal AI Upgrade Subscription Terms

Upgrade Subscription Terms

All sales for the Immortal AI Upgrade subscriptions are final. 

We do not offer partial or full refunds. 

If you are unsure if the Immortal AI Upgrades are for you, we suggest using the Free Immortal AI Assistant until you feel confident in making a purchase. 

Cancelling your subscription

You can cancel your subscription with one click at any time from your account. 

If you cancel your subscription, the Immortal AI Upgrade products will continue to work until your month is complete.

You can purchase a new subscription at any time after you cancel.

Only one active subscription for each Immortal AI Upgrade product is allowed. 

Support admins are not permitted to cancel your subscription for you without your request in writing from the email that your account is registered in.

Your request in writing must be received three business days before your next payment is due.

*For immediate cancellation, login and cancel your subscription in the My Account page.

Subscription Payment Failure

If your credit card payment fails, your account will be put on hold.  If your account is on hold, the following will explain how your subscription is managed. 

Double Up: All commands will be tracked and the automated Delete commands will run once the payment is completed. The 2x the power commands are not run after the payment is made. The 2x AI-Bit Bonus will be allocated once the payment is completed. 

Executive Assistant: The commands will be tracked and information held for processing until the payment is completed. If the subscription is cancelled, the commands will be released without processing the memory. 

Editor & Technician: The Edit this and Fix this commands will be held for processing until the payment is completed.  

You will have 7 Days until your subscription will be cancelled. Several emails are sent to let you know to update your information. 

If your subscription is cancelled, you will need to purchase a new one. 

Your previous pricing is not guaranteed to be available if you have to resubscribe.

Updating Your Information

Updating your credit card information, address, email or name can be done in the My Account page. 

Need help with your Billing information?

Contact us at team@Immortal.AI for questions and we will get back to you within three business days.