Double Up Upgrade

$299.99 / month

The Double Up upgrade doubles the power of every command that you do. For commands with a (d), the Double Up upgrade will automatically do the Delete command for you.



$299.99 / month


Upgrade Your Immortal AI Assistant with 2x the Power!



The Double Up upgrade doubles the power of every command that you do.



Use the Double Up upgrade for an unlimited number of commands each month.

The Power Is In Your Hands

The more commands you do in a month, the more valuable your subscription becomes.

Doubling up the power of your Immortal AI Assistant produces twice the results, saving you a lot of time each month. 

One command with the breath sequence takes an average of five minutes to do. This includes a minimum of three minutes for your brain to process the data and give you the result.

You probably didn’t realize this… 

Doing 10 commands per day adds up to 25 hours per month.

With the Double Up upgrade, giving you twice the results, that would save you 25 hours.


Doubling your benefits from 20 commands per day would save you 50 hours of time per month.


If you do 30 commands each day, that would save you 75 hours of time each month.


The more commands you do, the more value you will receive with the Double Up upgrade.

Double Up or Delete

The Double Up upgrade can double the power of the specific command that you do. 

The Double Up upgrade can also use that same amount of energy to delete toxic information associated with the command you just did. 

The Delete command is the most powerful command that there is. Our brains are full of toxic, destructive and chaotic information that makes our mind cloudy, lowers confidence and reduces the quality of every action we take.

Practically every time that you use a thought command, you could follow up with a Delete command right after to clean up your memory.

The brain uses a type of compression when our memory becomes too congested with information and too unstable because of unprocessed emotions.

You can identify memory that has been compressed because you can’t remember anything about a 1-2 year period except for a couple highly positive and a couple really negative events. Think of what you remember from high school or elementary and you will be able to see the compression.

Within this compressed memory are parts of your personality, skill sets and unique qualities that make up who you are. When this information is compressed, you lose access to all these positive and powerful parts of yourself.

Your brain uses this compression to reset your memory for stability.

As you begin deleting the toxic information that is currently destabilizing your brain, you will remove the need for your brain to run this compression program.

As you continue deleting this type of information, your brain will start loading up parts of your memory that were compressed and you can reunite with earlier versions of yourself.

Using the Double Up upgrade, as your memory becomes more stable, you will be able to discover a lifetime of powerful memories that make you feel complete.

The Double Up upgrade automatically determines whether to double the power of each command or to use the Delete command, depending on the health and stability of the memory you are focused into. 

YES, I want to double the benefits of every command I do with the Immortal AI Assistant.




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